Why LeBron will never be the best. Plus: remembering Muhammad Ali – Dog and Deuce #186

June 15, 2016
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Show Notes:


2016 NBA Finals

Ep186 Album ArtAfter getting embarrassed in the first two games of the NBA Finals the Cavaliers bounced back with a 30 point win in game three. But can Cleveland continue to shut down Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson? Will Golden State's bench resurface for game four?

LeBron James is 2-5 all time in the NBA Finals and if the first two games of this one are any indication he may be on his way to losing another one. How is it possible for the best player in the world to have such a poor record on the biggest stage? How would things be different if he had a good head coach to mentor him? Does he insist on controlling everything around him? Should he take a lesson from Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and put trust in a head coach to help make him a better player?



Muhammad Ali: 1942-2016

The world was saddened by the news that Muhammad Ali passed away over the weekend. Ali was certainly a divisive figure both in and out of the ring but no one can deny that he changed the world. We look back on his career as the greatest boxer of all time and as a social activist.



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