What’s up with LeBron’s fragile ego? – Dog and Deuce #218

May 29, 2017
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Show Notes:


2017 NBA Finals

The Conference Finals sucked so we look ahead to the Cavaliers / Warriors in the Finals. Is Kevin Durant's ego more fragile than LeBron James'?


San Antonio Spurs / Manu Ginobili

Fans in San Antonio gave Manu Ginobili a standing ovation after the Spurs were swept by the Warriors. Ginobili waved to the crowd as he left the floor but does that mean he's going to retire? Does his resurgence in the playoffs mean he'll return for another season?




Robert De Niro vs Jack Nicholson

For listeners who may have missed it, we re-ignite our De Niro vs. Nicholson debate. Who is the better actor? Who has the better legacy?


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