Washington County Election 2016 Canvass finalizes votes

November 22, 2016
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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah - + Video – All the ballots have officially been counted in Washington County and the final votes have been accepted.

Washington County Clerk/Auditor Kim Hafen reported to County Commissioners Tuesday that all votes that were legal were tallied and official election results are final. With over 63,000 votes cast, early election results stand with final votes added in. Hafen reported a 78.7% voter turnout in Washington County, which was slightly down from the 2012 general election. However, there were an additional 8,600 voters who voted in the county this election.

In the Presidential election in Washington County there were eleven options. Donald Trump received the lion’s share with 42,650 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 10,288. Evan McMullin of Utah received 6,565 votes.There were 409 write-in votes for president.

As expected, the canvass didn’t change any of the previous results.