Washington County Early Voting

October 27, 2016
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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah - Early voting opened up on October 25 with several polling places available in Washington County. According to Washington County’s Election Official Melanie Abplanalp, over 1,200 people voted early on that day alone.

Any registered voter will be able to vote at any of the Vote Centers in the County as long as they provide valid voter ID. Early voting ends Nov. 4.

Utah is not a completely by mail voter state, so unless voters as for absentee ballots in advance, they will be required to vote at the polls. 

If you haven’t received your absentee ballot by mail you are directed to contact the Washington County Election office. Absentee ballots must be postmarked no later than Nov. 7, or handed delivered to Washington County poll locations prior to closing of election.

Regular voting takes place on November 8, where about 50% of voters are expected to turn out to cast their general election ballots.

Final election results will be posted after the official canvass, Tuesday Nov. 22nd. 

For a copy of the the voter information pamphlet go to the Washington County election office located at 197 E. Tabernacle Street.

(For a list of early voting locations go to: https://www.washco.utah.gov/wp-content/uploads/clad/pdf/ei/early-voting-locations.pdf)