Vippi Mouse JUST IN TIME (A BIRTHDAY TALE) Storytime episode Vol 3

November 30, -0001
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Vippi Mouse the VIP Private Investigator takes children on a time machine adventure to visit very important dates in history.

Have you ever thought, just for a minute, that everyone forgot your birthday? Victor Ichabod Poindexter Paul Izippy (you can call him VIPPI) appears from out of the toy box to take the reader on a trip through time. The reader arrives in America with Christopher Columbus in 1492, discovers electricity with Benjamin Franklin in 1752, witnesses the signing of the Constitution of the United States in 1787, experiences the world’s first manned airplane flight with the Wright brothers in 1903, bounces on the moon with the astronauts in 1969 and, of course, makes it back JUST IN TIME for the reader's birthday celebration.

 The narrator is named VIPPI Mouse. VIPPI, whose name is Victor Ichabod Poindexter Paul Izippy (code for V.I.P. Very Important Person Private Investigator), is a large yellow mouse whose job it is to research, uncover and present the various plots.

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