Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune talks Utah Jazz & All-Star Weekend – Dog and Deuce #246

February 22, 2018
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Show Notes:

Tony Jones

Tony Jones covers the Utah Jazz and NBA for the Salt Lake Tribune. He returns to the show to talk about the Jazz's win streak and recap All-Star 2018.



Utah Jazz

With just twenty four games left in the season the Jazz need to make up some ground to keep their playoff hopes alive. How many wins do they need? Can they keep shooting at such a high percentage? How consistent will the defense be down the stretch?


All-Star 2018

Donovan Mitchell won over the judges and the crowd at this year's dunk contest. While it was great to see a Jazz man take home the trophy, did he deserve all those perfect scores? And what the hell does DJ Khaled know about dunking? We have some ideas that could help improve future All-Star weekends and will be eagerly awaiting Adam Silver's phone call.

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