The great NBA Finals debate – Dog and Deuce #219

June 2, 2017
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Show Notes:


2017 NBA Finals

For the most part the NBA post season has been less than stellar. There were a few early series that went the full seven games but the Conference Finals were exceptionally boring. However, all the hype would have us believe that the Cavaliers and Warriors matchup in the Finals will make up for every blow out game and swept series; but will it really be that exciting?

In our 2017 NBA Finals preview we disagree on pretty much every single point of contention and the debate gets a little nuanced. But we power through it and make our picks.



Tiger Woods

Tons of conflicting reports surfaced earlier in the week about Tiger Woods' arrest for driving under the influence. The dust eventually settled and we learned that Woods wasn't drunk but on various prescription medications. Did he take these because of his recent surgery or is there a deeper, more concerning addiction problem at play?

Click here to listen to our interview with former NBA player and heroin addict Chris Herren all the way back on episode #113. He was able to give us some valuable insight into addiction and recovery.



Major League Baseball

Bryce Harper / Hunter Strickland

There hasn't been many bench clearing baseball brawls in a while but Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland sparked one for the ages! We discuss the pitch, the mis-thrown helmet and the event all the way back in 2014 that started the whole thing.


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