The Utah Jazz are here to stay! Plus AFC & NFC Championship games – Dog and Deuce #207

January 25, 2017
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Show Notes:


Utah Jazz

Ep207 Album ArtIt was announced earlier this week that ownership the Utah Jazz would transfer from Gail Miller to a legacy trust. This would make it incredibly difficult for the team to be sold, effectively meaning that the Jazz will most likely remain in Salt Lake City forever. This naturally made us nostalgic and we discuss our favorite players and memories.

We also look ahead to the upcoming schedule. What do the Jazz need to do to solidify their playoff position before the All-Star break? Is it realistic to expect them to win the next four games?




2017 NFL Playoffs - NFC & AFC Championships

After getting pumped for championship Sunday, NFL fans across the country were incredibly disappointed with the lopsided wins by the Falcons and Patriots. How much of a distraction was Antonio Brown's Facebook Live scandal for the Steelers? Should Ben Roethlisberger have called out his teammates? Will he decide to play next year?

Without a whole of stories coming from the NFC & AFC Championships we take a quick look ahead to Super Bowl LI. Who do fans dislike more, the Patriots or Roger Goodell?


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