The Jazz hit the Jackpot & Kevin Durant goes to Golden State – Dog and Deuce #188

August 9, 2016
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Show Notes:


Utah Jazz

Ep188 Album ArtThe Jazz have had on hell of an offseason. They picked up George HillJoe Johnson and Boris Diaw to help round out the roster. These acquisitions are huge and even the national media has taken notice. But are expectations too high? Who should start? And who will be demoted to coming off the bench?


Kevin Durant / Golden State Warriors

Just when we thought we had Kevin Durant figured out he decides to take the easy route. Instead of staying in Oklahoma City to work with Russell Westbrook to get that elusive ring, he Durant opted to head to Golden State and have a championship handed to him. Is this good for the league? Should he be receiving more backlash for this? How does this change the public's perception of him? Will the Warriors be as despised as the LeBron's Heat?


LeBron James / Michael Jordan

In a recent interview LeBron James admitted that he is chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan. Despite the literal impossibility of that statement, what do these comments say about James' greatness? Does he mean it?



2016 Olympic Games

The Rio Olympics are here! We talk about the events we're most looking forward to and the public relations nightmare that Rio has faced leading up to the games.



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