TCS- Weights and Measures, That Equity Shall Prevail

April 26, 2015
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First off let's answer the question as to why gas prices end in 9/10ths of a cent. It goes back to the days when oil companies were selling gas for 15 cents a gallon. When the federal and state governments decided they needed to tax gas to pay for roads they added 3/10ths of a cent to each gallon sold.

At 15 cents a gallon a 1 cent per gallon tax would have been too much. If you want to find out why it stuck around all these years read the rest of the article that I found HERE
(You'll also find that gas today might not be as expensive as we all think it is when adjusting for inflation).

Selling gas at 9/10ths of a cent must mean that gas pumps are really accurate but how do you know that they are accurate?

This question can trickle into every commodity that we buy. So who is regulating industry when it comes to having accurate weights and measures?

Terry Wood will show you how a gas pump is inspected along with some of the other devices and instruments that are inspected to protect both the consumer and industry.

Chad Booth will sit down with Travis Waller from the division of weights and measures and Dave Davis from the Utah Food Industry Association and the Utah Retail Merchant Association to find out how industry and government work together to protect consumers.

Is it always a bad thing when Government shows up at your door and offers to help?