TCS - Waters Of The United States - CSEP547

November 22, 2015
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Today we are discussing waters of the United States now if you've been hiding under a
rock you might think well there is water everywhere but we are talking about a new set of
policy rules and regulations that have been proposed by the Environmental Protection
Agency that basically extends the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction over water far
beyond their traditional boundaries of the navigable waters of the United States. By mere
change of language, they added tributaries and if you follow tributaries all the way to their source
they end up to the snowpack on the mountains and the springs that feed the pastors and
farmlands across this country. So the rules and regulations are creating quite a stir and they've
been coming down the pipe and now they're out in the full light of day. They are creating a great
deal of concern so we are going to spend our day talking about that.


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