TCS - Wasatch Front Transportation Issues

June 9, 2018
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Planning and moving about are two
inseparable companions. Think about it.
I know you are all scratching your heads
thinking “what the heck is he talking
about”, but ponder this… When you go
anywhere you make a plan. If you go on
vacation, you plan an itinerary, if you run
errands, you plan a rout, if you take a walk
around the neighborhood, you at least give
some thought as to how you are going to
get back home.
Planning is also the key ingredient to
building systems of transportation, the
networks of airports, rail lines, bike paths,
freeways, car pool lanes, every aspect of
public moving has to start with a plan. And
in recent years, those plans have become
much more sophisticated. That is the topic
of our program today.