TCS- Uintah County Energy Summit

September 20, 2015
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The last two weeks have been busy with two energy related trips that we have attended. Last week was the Uintah Basin Energy Summit and there was also the site tour that took legislators into Carbon, Emery, Grand, and San Pete Counties. Both events were good opportunities to find out just how important our rural economies are to the entire state (we'll cover that tour next week).

Utah has a diverse energy portfolio but when you talk about energy resources in the eastern portion of the state it is impossible to avoid talking about fossil fuels.
The show will focus on the Uintah Basin Energy Summit and talk to some of the key players about the economic impacts that the recent drop in oil prices have had on the region.

Thomas Edison once said, "There's a better way to do it better - find it." I think this is relevant to the fossil fuel vs. renewable energy debate. There is a better way to tackle each challenge offered up by both the carbon based fuels as well as the greener options. Let's not give up on any of our options; let's work to make them better.