TCS- Transportation Funding in Utah

December 21, 2014
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This year in the legislature there is an excellent opportunity to address the State's transportation needs. While there are a number of other interests also competing for their bucket of money from the legislature, transportation has been identified as one of those topics that has been and will continue to be discussed extensively. More Info:

This Week Terry Wood will sit down with:

Andrew Gruber, Executive Director, Wasatch Front Regional Council
Representative Johnny Anderson, House Transportation Committee
Lincoln Shurtz, Governmental Affairs Director, Utah Association of Counties

The panel will discuss the need for improvements to Transportation and Transit to meet the needs of Utah now and into the future (2040). This conversation will include some of the plans for the future and we will touch on the need for additional funding in order to keep up with maintenance and project costs (the current gas tax hasn't been adjusted since 1997).

Our discussion also got into some of the benefits of making transportation a priority of the State in planning, funding, and building.