TCS - Payment in Lieu of Taxes

November 16, 2014
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What happens when you don't pay your property tax?

The answer is pretty simple (at least for those you understand county government), after five years the property goes to the May tax sale.

It's a little different when the property owner is the Federal Government, an entity that owns nearly 70% of the land in Utah.

The Congress recognized the problems created for local governments who are unable to tax the property owned and managed by the United States. The payment in lieu of taxes, PILT was created to help counties offset the burden created by large tracts of public lands within counties which are unable to be taxed.

The problem with PILT is that it is funded at different levels from year to year. For the last few years there has been uncertainty that PILT funding will even happen.

We will talk to a number of County Commissioners around the state about challenges to Counties created by PILT. Particularly when Counties are unable to rely on PILT as a funding source.