TCS - Newly elected officials - elected officials - Utah Association of Counties

November 30, 2014
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There were lots of new faces at the Annual Convention of the Utah Association of Counties this year.

It was good to meet many of the newly elected officials as I worked on the story for this week's show. At the same time I'm going to miss meeting those of you who will be moving on next year.

We had the opportunity to tape a show during the convention, where we discussed the role that Utah Association of Counties plays in getting elected officials up to speed on the many issues that impact county government.

Adam Trupp, the new CEO of UAC; Alan Gardner, Washington County Commissioner; and Shawn Milne, Tooele County Commissioner were on our panel this week. They covered the role of UAC from the county level on up to the federal level.

Our feature story covered the newly elected officials and their reaction to what I like to call a crash course in County Government. I think most of you understand what that learning curve looks like but for the benefit of people who haven't served before (including myself) it is best described as a straight vertical line.