TCS- Conservation Districts

July 26, 2015
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After the "Dust Bowl" of the 1930's
their was a push nationwide to put programs in place to conserve the resources that we depend upon for food and fiber. Those efforts have involved into the Conservation Districts that we are familiar with today.

Wait you've never heard of a conservation district?

Then tune in this Sunday at 8:30am on channel 4 (KTVX ABC4UTAH) as we look at some of the beneficial projects that come out of the efforts of conservation districts. In a nutshell these are the people who act as liaisons to private property owners such as farmers and ranchers to help get conservation projects underway.

One such project is underway in Wallsberg, Utah. Taking a waterway that was once straight and realigning it to make a healthier stream.

Terry Wood will discuss the finer points of Conservation Districts with:

Dave Brown, The State Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Spencer Holmgren, Supervisor of the Northern Utah Conservation District

LuAnn Adams, Commissioner of Agriculture, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Learn more about Utah's Conservation Districts