TCS - Benefits of Natural Resource Extraction - the Community Impact Board

October 12, 2014
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:52 The Community Impact Board

6:31 How has the Industry Changed?

9:32 Prosperity to Rural America

10:29 Avoiding Boom and Bust Economies

16:55 How do royalities off natural resource extraction return to the community?

19:25 Building a strong foundation for the economy

23:39 Impacts of energy development on the Wasatch Front

Last week I spent the day at the Senior Center in Price, Utah (an amazing facility). I was working on a story about how the center was built using monies generated from natural resource extraction and as I typically do, I was trying to figure out how to tie all the elements together in a story.

It just happened that I met an individual at the center who was painting a jar in the craft room. We talked for a moment and he told me a story about how he was making these jars for this daughters. I was so mad that I didn't record our conversation but let me try and recount it.

He had given a similar jar that had belonged to his mother to his grand daughter for her birthday, explaining that she could keep pins or change and what not in the jar. He said whatever you put in there you can take out. A seemingly obvious statement but then he used that moment to share some additional wisdom. He said it is much like what we experience in our own lives, what we bring into our lives we can call upon at a later time. When you "hold onto" good things you will find you have good things happen in your life.

He told the story much better than I have here but none the less that was our interaction. I thanked him for sharing and went along my way gathering shots for the story.

In the parking lot I had an epiphany and thought to myself what a great way to introduce the story of the senior center and multiple other good projects that are possible through the community impact board and resource extraction in general.