TCS - Associations of Government - Programs and Services Provided by Counties

November 9, 2014
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" It's not the lack of resources, it's the lack of resourcefulness that stops you "
-Tony Robbins
What does that have to do with this weekend's program? A lot.

We will be looking at the Associations of Government around the state and talk about how they help counties that are tight on resources to be more resourceful.

Our feature story will follow a recent trip that the Six County AOG (Association of Governments) took in Wayne County. The group talked about the challenges of organizing a timber sale in an area where a fire had broke out two years prior in an area designated as roadless by the United States Forest Service among other issues on public lands. We will look at the value created by bringing representatives from the State and Washington DC to the issues on-the-ground.

We will also catch up with Chad Booth in Richfield, Utah as he meets with board members of the Six County AOG to talk about the programs available to citizens through Associations of Governments.