TCS- Air Quality in Utah

February 15, 2015
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This week on the County Seat we will be discussing air quality in Utah.
First, we will look at an agreement that was made between the BLM and Utah State University that will allow both entities to share information that will lead to a better understanding of ozone in the Uintah Basin.
Our panel discussion will cover the topic of air quality across the state. Mike McKee, Uintah County Commissioner; Bryce Bird, Air Director, Department of Environmental Quality; AND Royal DeLegge, Environmental Health Director, Salt Lake County Health Dept.
•What are the impacts on health?
•The On – Off Good – Bad “switch” that we see here in Utah
•What is the overall outlook on air quality in Utah?
•What are the potential impacts on industry when
 “one-size-fits-all” changes are put into effect?