St. George Secret Shopper Assessment

October 21, 2016
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ST. GEORGE, Utah - + Video– Businesses, government leaders and those in the tourism industry were given suggestions to make St. George a destination that people want to visit and play in, and not just drive through. 

Roger Brooks of Roger Brooks International was hired to make a trip to St. George as a “secret shopper,” where he found many things not so obvious during his experience. In his assessment he told local leaders that the first thing they need to do is create better signage so visitors know how to get where they want them to go. He said “way finding” was his biggest challenge.

Brooks has visited and provided suggestions to more than 1500 communities in 45 states. He was hired by the State of Utah Tourism and St. George to point out what cities can improve upon and what they’ve already got going when it comes to drawing in tourists and possible future residents. 

He said St. George already has the beauty and landscaping, the city just needs to define it’s overall image or branding, and expand upon and market it.