Should the Jazz really want home court advantage? – Dog and Deuce #214

March 31, 2017
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Show Notes:


Utah Jazz

The Jazz are fighting for that fourth seed but would that actually be a disadvantage for the first round of the playoffs?

We also talk about Rudy Gobert's recent comments in which he called out his teammates for not playing hard enough. Was he right? Should he have kept his gripes in house? Is it any different from what LeBron James has a tendency to do?



College Basketball

2017 Final Four

We take a look at the Final Four. Can Oregon and South Carolina pull off some giant upsets?



Indoor Football League

Salt Lake Screaming Eagles

The team that leaves everything up to the fans has placed a huge decision in their laps. Should the Screaming Eagles sign Greg Hardy? The fans voted and it was a close one.

Is the entire thing a marketing scam?


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