On Dreams of Dixie Trailer

July 28, 2015
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“On Dreams of Dixie” Synopsis:

It was 1861 when tattered pioneers began arriving in southern Utah's red, barren desert. Amid

sacrifice and loss, many had traveled across wide oceans and unforgiving plains for a place they

could call their own.

Committed to education, school classes were first held in the back of covered wagons and in the

areas first church houses. In 1915, the state of Utah issued an order for the area's scattered

schools to join together as one and Washington County School District was formed with 1,833

registered students.

More than 28,000 students are now enrolled in Washington County schools with students learning

skills that prepare them for life. Looking back over the shoulder of history, it is important to

acknowledge that life in southern Utah started out at a much slower pace, when times were simple.

Written and produced by Melynda Thorpe, narrated by Wilford Brimley, and with an original score

by Keith R Owen, "On Dreams of Dixie" provides a powerful viewer experience.