New bacteria isolated at biological research lab at DSU reveal foreign invaders

November 30, -0001
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ST. GEORGE, Utah (Dixie State University) - + Video – Lab research performed at Dixie State University has advanced into significant findings that could change the way future antibiotics and medicines are created. 

In the past 2 1/2 years, Soft Cell Biological Research, in partnership with DSU students, has discovered nearly 500 new forms of bacteria in over 700 samples of blood given freely by many who have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. Soft Cell Biological Research Founder Brent Hunt began the research while studying his own blood as a result of continued failed knee replacements. What he and students under him have been able to isolate, are L-form bacteria, with no cell walls, that roam freely in the bloodstream. Some of these bacteria have never been found in blood before.

Hunt will give a presentation to the DSU Board of Trustees informing them of the new discoveries and the progress they’ve made as a result of continued research.