Is LeBron James’ ego out of control? Plus NBA Conference Finals – Dog and Deuce #183

May 20, 2016
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Show Notes:


2016 Western Conference Finals

Ep183 Album ArtOklahoma City shocked the world by going into Oakland and beating the Warriors in Game 1. Russell Westbrook dominated Stephen Curry in the second half which leads us to ask...did Golden State take them lightly? Can the Thunder keep up their defensive pressure? What does the game 2 blowout mean for the rest of the series?


2016 Eastern Conference Finals

It looks like Cleveland has a great chance to walk their way into the the NBA Finals again this year. Can Toronto win a single game in this series?

The NBA has had it share of giant egos over the years but where does LeBron James' rank? Does he have any grasp on reality? Has he surrounded himself with people who just tell him what he wants to hear?


NBA Draft / Utah Jazz

This year's NBA Draft Lottery went exactly as expected with the Utah Jazz landing the twelfth pick. Despite receiving no lucky bounces of the ping pong balls yet again, they have some options. Will they stay at 12 or will they explore options to move up or down?


New York Knicks / Jeff Hornacek

Phil Jackson hired Jeff Hornacek as the next head coach of the Knicks, but was it a good hire? Should Hornacek have even taken this very undesirable job? What will it take for him to have success in the biggest - and most unforgiving - city in the country?



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