Gateway to Zion National Park looking at new parking and facelift in late 2017

November 15, 2016
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SPRINGDALE, Utah – Lack of parking in Springdale may be a good problem to have when it comes to tourism, but for the local community it makes it difficult to get around.

The city of Springdale is looking to add parking structures to help solve some of the issues it’s faces during tourist season. But the city is also looking at solving some of the problems with busses and shuttle service plans in the future. A feasibility study sponsored by the Dixie MPO for a proposed bus service from St. George to Springfield is in it’s final stages and should be out for review in a couple of weeks 

The Springdale Planning Commission will discuss zoning issues at it’s meeting Tuesday, November 15, in order to make needed improvements. Mayor Stan Smith is hoping some sort of agreement can be made in order to deal with the millions of tourists that have now discovered the gateway to Zion National Park.