CS - Mexican Grey Wolves in Utah

February 13, 2016
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We are bringing you our show from the Utah Capitol as it is during the legislation session. Our topic today may in a tongue and cheek fit her because the wolf is at the door and that is how the legislature seems sometimes if you have ever been by the legislative chamber when all the people are out there trying to catch the legislators. But we are going to seriously talk about the wolf in our program today and we have covered the northern grey wolf that was transplanted or reestablished in its population base down through Yellowstone WY and has moved consistently south.
Now flanking south on the northern part of Utah and occasionally you will get one that strays in the central part of the state. But the new wolf at the door is the Mexican wolf which is a subspecies that has been native to central and northern Mexico with an extended range placed by the US fish and wildlife to help recover up into the center of AZ and once again looking to expanding it an considering the possibility of making some of Utah part of that wolf‘s range. That will be the topic of our show today.

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