CS - Coordinating or cooperating?

December 13, 2015
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Coordinating or cooperating?  Those are two terms that are used a lot in land planning but there is a big difference in how they are applied that is the subject of our show today when you
deal with a public land agency like the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management and you are a local
government unit you have certain rights and authorities in the relationship as it is written in the federal law but a lot of
counties don’t exercise it to its maximum usefulness that is the topic of our show and it is so extensive that we are going to
bypass our usual background story.  So joining us for our panel discussion today is Jim Matson who is a Kane County
Commissioner and is currently in a county who is going through the process of making sure that they are engaged with the federal
government and land agencies as a cooperating agency and joining us also is the planner for Kane County Shannon

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