AYL - TNGNT Ski Bikes RV Safari South Dakota Mystic Hills Hideaway Ray Citte RV Honda Rubicon

January 28, 2017
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What happens when you ride a mountain bike down a ski slope? Well if you have the right pair of skiis, something like what we're showing off this weekend on At Your Leisure! Join Steven Heumann and Jill Kinder as they take out the TNGNT Ski Bike on the slopes of Brighton Ski Resort. From there Chad and Ria Booth will continue the 2017 RV Safari as they explore the off-road side of the Dakotas. Finally Reece Stein tours one famous historic, possibly haunted ship, and spends the night, while Darren Kinder takes the new 2017 Honda Rubicon for a spin in the sand. Own the outdoors now with AYL!

Watch again here: https://youtu.be/exoW2msPGTI