AYL - Scuba Diving at Bonneville Seabase

February 17, 2015
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Host Adventure: Scuba Diving at Bonneville Seabase

Darren and Jill show us how we can learn to scuba dive in a land locked state. They are in Grantsville Utah at Bonneville Seabase experiencing a true salt water dive with marine life.

Bonneville Seabase

Scuba Diving at Bonneville Seabase

Travel Adventure: RV Adventure on the Pacific Coast

Chad and Ria continue their RV trip adventure up the Pacific Coast. They visit San Diego, the USS Midway, the Wild Goose, and city of Laguna.

Ray Citte RV

RV Adventure on the Pacific Coast

Product Review: Ski-Doo Expedition Ace 600 Review

Darren reviews the new Ski-Doo Expedition Ace 600 snowmobile. This is an all around utility machine. We go through all the great features of this sled.

Weller Recreation

Ski-Doo Expedition Ace 600 Review

Trail Adventure: Fishing Utah Lake

Reece is out at Utah Lake showing what kind of success anglers are having and what they are using. The warm weather is making this a great time for fishing.

Utah Lake