AYL - Roosevelt City Duchesne County Holly Fair Bolder Mountain Great Western Trail

November 12, 2016
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The Holiday Season is right around the corner and today on At Your Leisure we're giving you a preview at one Utah town that has more spirit and adventure that you would ever expect.  It's every holiday wrapped into one, with a side of off-road excitement and winter thrills.
Then we'll head east with Reece Stein as he discovers a Grand Canyon in New York that will change the way you think about East Coast exploits. What will you find when you dive into this granite chasm?  Far more than you think from a cursory glance.
From there we'll head back west and follow Steven Heumann as he he rides ATVs into a land where explorers find themselves hoping from one boulder to another. It will all make sense once we've hit the trail.
Lastly, Darren Kinder finds out about a new turbine induction system for the AYL 4x4 and decides to put it to the test. Own the outdoors with AYL!

Watch again here:  https://youtu.be/j1oV0ktsWbo