AYL - RVventure Calico Ghost Town and Las Vegas

February 6, 2005
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Host Adventure: RV Adventure at Calico Ghost Town and Las Vegas

Chad and Ria end their RV adventure at the Calico Ghost Town and Las Vegas. There are tons of great activities for your family and this is a great place to stay while your RVing.

Travel Adventure: Evolution of Take a Friend Snowmobiling

Steven looks at the evolution of the Take a Friend Snowmobiling event that is held each year. We show you what you can expect for next year so you can plan to attend.

Take a Friend Snowmobiling

Outdoor Cooking: Skunk Bread

Reagan and Bill are cooking up some stinky Skunk Bread. This has a unique smell but tastes great!

Camp Chef

Trail Adventure: Deer at Antelope Island State Park

Reece is visiting Antelope Island in Utah along with the division of Utah Wildlife Resources. The deer population is out growing the island and we learn about the relocation process.

Deer at Antelope Island State Park