AYL - Paiute Trail Jamboree Jorgensens Homestead Resort Social Axe Throwing

August 18, 2018
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Sure, you've seen ATV jamborees on the show before. But I'll bet you've never seen them like this! Chad and Ria are hanging out with our friends from Jorgensen's at the Paiute Trail Jamboree! Place your bets now folks, because the Booths are going head to head on the obstacle course! Then if you're looking for a place to relax you'll want to see where I'm at today. If you're hungry you'll want to see what Corinne is cooking... and if you have some frustrations you want to vent, we've got just the place. It's all right now on AYL!

Watch again here: https://youtu.be/qKbwum8fhLs