AYL - Moab Easter Jeep Safari Wrinkles Road Duchesne County Bower Moretsports Marrakesh

April 9, 2016
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Easter jeep safari is turning the big five-oh, and we're
celebrating in some of the most iconic lands anywhere on earth.
Follow Darren Kinder as he takse you to the party and follows some first-timers on their inaugural
rock crawl. We'll also get up-close with some new jeeps you'll never see on the
road. From there Steven Heumann finds a wrinkle in off-road exploration that
you're going to want to discover for yourself. Finally Reece Stein is in Marrakesh
tasting some local flavors you might want to avoid. It’s all here on this week’s AYL episode!

Watch again here:  https://youtu.be/CG3jQdBwoxw