AYL Gardian Angel Foundation Stunt Run

June 21, 2015
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Host Adventure: Stunt Run 2015

Darren, Jill, and Steven go through the most insane stunt course in the west. We show you all the wet and wild obstacles and share the charity that is benefiting from the event.

Stunt Runand Guardian Angel Foundation


Travel Adventure: Rail Trail Excursion

Chad takes an ATV adventure that runs along the Central Pacific Rail Trail. There is a lot of history and beauties to discover and we show you a few.

Central Pacific Rail Trail


Outdoor Cooking: Outdoor Cooking Smoked Chicken

Reagan and Ryan from Camp Chef fire up the pellet smoker. We show you how to cook a smoked chicken that the family will love.

Camp Chef


Trail Adventure: Bike Ride at Midnight

Terry visits Antelope Island and tells the story of the Moonlight Bike Ride Event