AYL Awsome Adventures El Dorado Canyon NV Tooele Sunshine Canyon Venom 4020 DQ

April 1, 2017
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Where can you find a mix of old west history mish-mashed with eclectic art, cars, and aliens? Today on at your leisure we're finding out as we explore the desert south of Las Vegas and find a canyon unlike anything else out there. Darren and Jill Kinder will take you on the craziest tour ever through this wacky environment. Then Chad and Ria climb in the AYL 4x4 and hit the trails south of Tooele and find more recreation options than they expected. Finally, we show why one group of women are changing the face of snowmobiling. Own the outdoors now with AYL!

Watch again here: https://youtu.be/U1OSxXMCcOk