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Wendy Jo Bradshaw,
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Vippi Mouse

Vippi Mouse – is about a Very Important Person, like YOU!

Created by Wendy Jo Bradshaw

VIPPI MOUSE Self-Esteem Building Books, Music, Video, and upcoming TV episodes, games and applications, are designed to remind the reader that each of us makes a difference in this world. EVERY PERSON IS A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!

VIPPI, whose name is Victor Ichabod Poindexter Paul Izippy (code for V.I.P. Very Important Person Private Investigator), is a large yellow mouse with big ears, large feet, baggy pants, t shirt and smiling face, who immediately puts children at ease and engages them with what is about to happen next, and whose job it is to research, uncover and present the various plots of the current grouping of five separate empowering stories as personalized books, videos, and upcoming TV episodes.

Vippi Mouse helps kids overcome their self-limiting beliefs and fears, with self-esteem building and empowering books, music, video, games and TV programs that are upbeat and fun, and can be personalized for powerful visualization!

Vippi Mouse Personalized Books, eBooks, Music, Video and Apps are educational and promote positive thinking, which helps people to grow to their highest potential. Delightful illustrations combined with exciting stories and music, also make VIPPI books great entertainment. Each story and theme song is educational and promotes reading, language, character building, and social/problem solving tools.

VIPPI books Current Episodes – When I Grow Up, Always A Solution, Just In Time: A Birthday Tale, Special Delivery and Space Shuttle Recovery.