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Stand 4 Kind

Our goal is to change the culture and provide our kindness programs to all schools. We're committed to making sure that students have access to quality safety programs. We provide impactful assemblies and programs, encourage a positive and safe school atmosphere by rewarding acts of kindness, and help schools afford state-of-the-art services. We also help schools apply for grants, find sponsors, and receive financial assistance to cover our programs and their own safety initiatives. 

We have a waiting list of schools wanting and needing anti-bullying and school safety programs. Traditionally, tight school budgets have prevented many schools from meeting their students' needs in this area. That's why we're reaching out to corporate sponsors and local business for help. Thank you to all of our partners who are helping to change the culture in schools. 

Take a stand against bullying

Spread Acts of Kindness

Join us in making your school a safe, positive place for everyone! We work with schools, students and sponsors nationwide to promote empathy, respect, and self-esteem and create a culture of kindness.

Acts of kindness rewards program

Our innovative Stand4Kind program promotes positive attitudes by rewarding acts of kindness. Students at participating schools can submit their acts of kindness online, through social networks, or via app for a chance to win monthly prizes from our sponsors and partners.

Teaching Students to be kind

Help students take their stand by teaching them the value of showing respect and empathy toward others. We educate students and teachers through customized assemblies, concerts, pep rallies and training events. Featuring nationally recognized speakers and presenters, these assemblies raise safety awareness and boost school spirit.

Sponsorships & Fundraising

Schools budgets make it a challenge to bring quality safety programs to students. That's why we work with sponsors and donors to help schools afford the tools they need to empower staff and students. Sponsors also contribute gift cards, tickets, and other prizes for our Stand4Kind Acts of Kindness program.

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