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Amy Christensen
Chair of Coalition Board

Teresa Willie
Licensed Prevention Specialist
Phone: 435-632- 2505





The Washington County REACH4HOPE Suicide Prevention Coalition is taking a proactive stance on this issue by implementing evidence-based strategies to reduce suicide in our community.

Our vision is to create "A caring community that reaches out to provide compassion and hope for a community free of suicide."

Our goal is to raise awareness about suicide, reduce stigma and provide access to resources for themselves or others.

Suicide has become a public health issue in the State of Utah. Utah is currently 6 th in the nation for suicide and Washington County is among the highest in the state.

Community Coalitions are essential to prevention work for three reasons:
1. They follow an evidence-based planning process that allows them to identify real issues, and develop real solutions.
2. They integrate the entire community, helping agencies, institutions and individuals to unite on collaborative efforts.
3. They are local. They aren’t copying another city or location, they are comprised of people who know and understand their community, and they address issues based on the culture and capacity of their community.


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