Channel Information

Shawn Denevan
KXDS 91.3 FM (X913)
Jennings Building 103
Dixie State University
Office 435 879 4319
Cell 435 619 5804


KXDS 91.3 FM X913


KXDS 91.3 FM, is the student run radio station at DSU, with programming by and for the students.

Both students and faculty participate in the programming of the radio station from the current alternative / indie format, to talk programs from the Dixie Sun News and the Dixie State University Student Association. Dr. Robert Briggs provides an hour of classical and spiritual music on Sundays, which is accompanied by the program Music and the Spoken Word.

Each semester at DSU bring in a new crop of eager students yearning to try new radio ideas; and many new and exciting programs are then brought to the air. KXDS 91.3 FM.

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