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Josh Pedersen

I am 26 years old and I am an avid globe trotting culture vulture. I was born and raised in Saint George, Utah and am proud to call it my home. There is something unbelievably majestic about Southern Utah that I have never found anywhere else.

Traveling has become a sport -- a thirst for knowledge, experience, and making friends across the world has crafted me into who I am today. I am infinitely grateful for everything that has lined up the way it has. As I continue to travel, I make friends who I consider my best souvenirs. I have revisited many of my favorite cities and stayed with them, making visiting that city that much more enjoyable. I have now traveled over 29 countries, explored 92 cities, and flown over 309,700 miles.

I value friendships more than everything. Without friends I would be nothing. I also love technology. I started crafting an unexpected career while finishing up my Bachelors degree in Business/Visual Technologies helping other people and companies with their pursuits. Social platforms have become the way to communicate with people across the entire world. I donʼt take myself seriously, nor do I have my life planned out; because even if you think you have control of everything, you never know where the chips could land. So have a laugh, have a drink, make a friend, and do what makes you happy– After all, isnʼt that what we all want anyway?

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