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Steve Michels


Foreign Figures


Eric Michels: Vocals

As the frontman of Foreign Figures, Eric brings immense vocal talent and writing ability to the band. With a unique, warm tone and wide range, Eric's voice perfectly ties together Foreign Figure's sound. Lyrically, the optimistic and passionate way that Eric lives his life is evident in his songwriting, creating a positive energy for listeners.

Steve Michels: Drums

As the drummer of the band, you may be surprised to find out that Steve's favorite type of music is electro-pop – he cites Owl City as his favorite artist. That being said, Steve has a knack for natural rhythm and creativity that makes for an amazing drummer. Foreign Figures is the first major musical project in which Steve wasn't the lead vocalist, but he shines as not only the beat keeper for the band, but as a contributing songwriter.

Jonny Tanner: Guitar

Jonny is an accomplished guitarist and synth player, and really has a way with engineering sound. Jonny led the band in producing their own EP, and he did all the mixing and mastering himself. Foreign Figures was completed when Jonny joined the band in July 2014, and they couldn’t be happier with his huge work ethic and talent.

Seth Dunshee: Bass

Before Foreign Figures, Seth had always been the lead vocalist/guitarist of his past bands and projects, and his songwriting experience doesn't go unnoticed; His vocal harmonies and guitar riffs really compliment and tighten the bands overall sound. With a rock/metal guitar background, and a love of funk and R&B Seth's bass keeps Foreign Figures sounding unique and funky – all in the right ways.

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