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Amy Thorpe
Show Host & Producer
Dixie State University
Jennings Building, East side of Campus
300 East off 1000 South
St George Utah 84770


District 39


District 39 takes the viewer inside Washington County School District to meet the people and learn about the programs that impact the children of our community. This includes teachers, administrators, school staff, students and district personnel guest star to share the successes of district programs.

Witness the results of the Washington County School District philosophy that in our schools, students gain essential academic knowledge and life skills while ensuring high levels of learning for every student.

Show host Amy Thorpe, a teacher and parent in Washington County School District, leads a discussion with studio guests to understand the processes and programs the district has in place. She explores the impacts and challenges with each program, and invites guests to share their successes and vision for the future.

Additionally, you will meet local students and celebrate their triumphs is all facets of the district programs.

Thorpe states “As show host of District 39, it is my goal to bring to light the daily efforts of so many dedicated, skilled educators and recognized them for their excellence. I hope to highlight every school in the district and recognize the Principals, teachers, staff, and students who are making such a positive difference in our community.”

Watch District 39 monthly to witness the successes and hear about the challenges facing public education today and how Washington County School District is taking action.

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