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Crimson View Elementary

Crimson View Elementary is located in St. George, Utah. We are a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) school. We recently received one of two platinum stem designations from the state of Utah. We opened in 2013 and have grown every year. We love science and getting students involved in solving real world problems. Our kids participate in computer programing including coding, weekly music classes, choir for grades 4 and 5, lego league, meet the masters art program, and many more stem and art related activities. We are a one to one school, meaning all students have a device. Most of our students have ipads, some have chromebooks. Being a one to one school gives us the opportunity to have students explore, create, and discover, the world of science and engineering in unique ways. We have researched and developed water filters, researched and designed a knee brace while studying the human body, created catapults, and designed electrical circuits.

We love working with our community. We have partnered with Dixie State University, Dixie Regional Medical Center, Dixie Care and Share, Zion National Park, Bureau of Land Management, Virgin River Consortium, State of Utah, and many more businesses around southern Utah to enhance educational experiences for our students.

At Crimson View Elementary we have 20-25 students who participate in a HAL (high ability learner) program. These students are asked to participate depending on their test scores. These students need to be challenged so they are pulled out to participate in advance curriculum. They have made and raced solar cars, wind mills producing electricity, built bridges, created a giant piano in the hall for students to walk on playing music, built and programmed robots, drafted 3D printed objects, and much more. They will be researching art around St. George and creating our own art to be featured on this channel.


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