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Cowboy Ted

"Cowboy Ted" Hallisey started the Cowboy Ted Show, video program for kids with a goal of personally touching the lives of one million children in a positive and healthy way. To date he has visited with 250,000 kids across the country to share his Healthy Choices program. The existing current educational programs provide curriculum to encourage kids to have fitness breaks or brain breaks in classrooms during the course of a school day. Those programs require the teacher to administer the curriculum to the students, which has caused the programs to struggle for acceptance in schools.

Cowboy Ted’s Programs for Kids are based on the principle of video delivery with content and curriculum provided in a video format. The teacher simply has to push start to provide a one to three minute fitness break in the classroom for students to regroup and refocus prior to moving on to the next task.

The videos include classroom Fitness Video Series; On-Line Books for Kids; Healthy Tips for Kids in text-video and audio formats; Outdoor Recreation Video Series; Outdoor Recreation Guides for Families; Day Camp Programs; School Assemblies; Library Presentations and Book Reading and Signing, On-Line Resources.

Ted is Radio Host of Utah Skyline Recreation Report and the Cowboy Ted Healthy Tips. Cowboy Ted's Programs for Kids have the advantage of Ted Hallisey's personal experience with the delivery of healthy concepts to over 250,000 students across the United States during school assemblies and after school programs – utilizing his Master of Education degree and personal teaching experience.

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