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Pam Graf
Foundation Director
Washington County School District Foundation
Phone: 435-673-3553 X 5161 Cell: 435-619-6843


Website: http://foundation.washk12.or/

Washington Country School District Foundation

What Does the Foundation do?

The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the quality of education of the students of Washington County School District by providing the resources necessary through private funding that are not available through the traditional sources.

OUR MISSION IS raising and providing funds to enhance the educational opportunities for the students of Washington County School District.

OUR VISION IS to help our students become socially aware, academically proficient, stronger leaders, and prepare them to be viable citizens in their communities.

The Foundation works to provide resources for students who will be the future leaders of our communities, our state and our country. They may be our doctor, our lawyer, our home builder or our grocery store manager. Whatever their dream is, we can assist in helping them accomplish it by helping in our students being given a more enriched education and have stronger learning skills. We invite everyone to help us with this effort and your donation to any of our programs will assist us in helping our students and teachers.

Classroom Grants ---Making Projects Possible

The Foundation supports our students through the Classroom Grant program. Who knows better than the teacher what those students need? The supplies budget for each teacher does not go far and many teachers are spending out of their own pockets throughout the year. The Foundation provides grants each year of up to $500 each for special projects to enhance student learning and is applied for by teachers. All of the proceeds from our Spooky Town Fair in October and annual golf tournament make possible these grants each year with support from the community and our incredible sponsors.

Dixie Power Kite Festival for Literacy

The Dixie Power Kite Festival aims to promote reading as a habit and to engage in an uplifting, family oriented event where everyone can participate. It is the Foundation’s hope to promote reading as a fundamental basis of education for every child of elementary school age. The proceeds from this event help to support literacy education with additional funding to the participating schools in Washington County School District. The Foundation partners with Dixie Power who is one of our most valued business partners together with other sponsors of the event. The 2016 year is our 17th!


Scholarships are a way that members of the community can help by donation to further the higher education of our students. The Foundation has different kinds of scholarships including memorial which have been set up by family members who have lost a loved one. All donations and gifts to the Foundation scholarship program are tax-deductible.

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