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Lorri Soqui
Summit Athletic Club
1532 East 1450 South
St George UT 84790
Phone: 435-628-5000
Direct: 928-301-8593



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About Lorri Soqui

Pilates trainer, posture specialist as well as a mind, body and life coach.

She has been involved in the health and fitness industry all her adult life, studying and practicing many methods of obtaining optimal health, vitality and age reversal. She uses a combination of Pilates, physical therapy exercises designed to correct posture which has some yoga in it. As posture is corrected there is less stress and pain in the neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees and feet.

Those in her classes will gain 30% more energy, slow down their aging process as well as having more oxygen and circulation to their brain. Class participants will notice an increase in joint mobility and range of motion as well as protecting their cartilage and disks. Along with waistline slimming down and flattening, with the loss of belly fat so participants become more flexible and gain strength in legs, knees and hips.

The effects of poor posture are not just reflected in your mirror. Major Journals have published studies showing posture to be a strong indication of overall health. They conclude "All measures of health are affected by Posture"; "Bad Postures raises blood pressure and limits oxygen to the brain."

Lorri's exercise program is designed for ALL levels of fitness, with education so anyone can learn about proper alignment to assist them in reaching all of their health and fitness goals.

Learn more about Lorri's Health Posture DVD Servies here.

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