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Randy Richardson
ESL Coordinator
Washington County School District
121 West Tabernacle
St. George, Utah 84770
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Latinos in Action

Latinos in Action (LIA) consists of a leadership class taught at the high school, middle school and intermediate school. LIA places a strong emphasis on education. As part of their class, students are trained and equipped with the tools necessary to tutor elementary students in literacy and mathematics. As peer mentors, our students understand the best way to learn is by teaching. When they tutor elementary students, they help their tutees improve reading and math skills, but also improve their own critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Alongside tutoring, participants keep journals and reflect on their own learning to be better prepared to teach the younger students. As a result of this reflection, LIA students realize they can do more with their lives and begin to set higher educational goals for themselves.

By placing an importance on literacy and mathematics, LIA students quickly learn education is key to success. One primary focus of LIA is for Latino youth continue their education through college, not stopping after high school graduation. LIA students learn they can be better contributors to their communities when they are educated. They are not asked "Will you go to college?" instead, "Where will you go to college?"

Through tracking efforts, LIA students have shown to have a 100% high school graduation rate and an 85% college enrollment rate.

In order to participate in the Latinos in Action class, students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. LIA students have an average 3.2 GPA. Students are also expected to get involved in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular involvement helps many students integrate into their high school environment. The scholastic requirements, along with the service component of the class, enable the students to work toward closing the education gap between Latinos and other students. Most importantly, LIA equips students with the skills necessary to succeed.

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